The wind resource measured in Wainwright is excellent, with measured wind power high class 4 to low class 5 (on a scale of 1 to 7). In addition to strong average wind speeds and wind power density, the site experiences highly directional prevailing winds, low turbulence and calculations indicate low extreme wind speed probability, all of which are highly desirable for wind power development.

V3 Energy LLC wrote a wind power conceptual design report in March 2015 that explored several project site and wind turbine options for Wainwright as preparation for the project to move to the design phase. The conceptual design report was an update to a wind power feasibility study of Wainwright that V3 Energy LLC prepared for North Slope Borough in December 2011.  Both studies conclude that the technical and economic prospects of wind power to supplement Wainwright’s diesel power plant are excellent and development is highly recommended.

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Wind Turbine Mfg. Report

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