KivalinaThe wind resource measured at the Kivalina met tower site is good with measured wind power class 3 to 4 (on a scale of 1 to 7). Kivalina’s wind characteristics are ideal with exceptionally low turbulence and low wind shear. Also, Kivalina experiences very cold winter temperatures which increases energy production from wind turbines. Note that WAsP computer modeling suggests a much more robust wind resource on the top of Kisimigiuktuk Hill, which is near one of the proposed relocation sites for the village of Kivalina.

V3 Energy LLC, working with WHPacific, prepared a wind-diesel conceptual design report in May 2014 that explored several design options for Kivalina, including wind turbine sites near Kivalina and on Kisimigiuktuk Hill, plus an option to locate wind turbines at Red Dog Port and supply power to Kivalina via an intertie line. The conceptual design report is a companion to a detailed transmission line study in 2014 that explored options to electrically intertie Red Dog Port to Kivalina.

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