The proposed Marshall wind project site is located approximately one kilometer east of the village, just north of the airport access road and west of the spur road to Pilcher Mountain. The site was identified during a reconnaissance visit in 2007 as particularly suitable for wind power development. A met tower was installed at the […]

Saint Mary’s

Saint Mary’s, Alaska is the largest village on the lower Yukon River and a high priority wind power project site for Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC). Two wind power sites in or near Saint Mary’s have been monitored: the “Pitka’s Point Site” adjacent to the rock quarry between the village and the airport, and the […]


In 2009, V3 Energy, LLC installed an AEA-owned 30 meter met tower for Ionia community ( on their property near Kasilof. Although the met tower was in a broad, open field near Ionia’s community center, the surrounding forest cover significantly slows Cook Inlet winds and creates turbulent conditions, resulting in a marginal wind resource at […]

Naknek – Cape Suwarof

The wind resource at proposed Cape Suwarof wind power site in Naknek shows very good potential for wind energy development as a high Class 4 (near Class 5) wind power class resource with excellent turbulence behavior. Note that the measured wind power class is higher than predicted by the Alaska Wind Resource Map (see below) […]

Old Harbor

The Old Harbor met tower site is located on a small peninsula of Sitkalidak Island approximately one mile ESE across Sitkalidak Strait from the main part of the village of Old Harbor. This site was selected based on a desire to not interfere with the aircraft traffic pattern at the airport and yet be developable […]


The wind resource at the proposed wind power site in Manokotak shows fair potential for wind energy development as a mid-Class 2 wind power resource with good turbulence behavior. This is a bit lower than expected and it had been thought that the site, chosen with considerable care as the most promising developable wind power […]


Shaktoolik has a very good Class 4 wind resource with a mean annual wind speed of 6.38 m/s at the 30 meter level, high wind power density due to cold temperatures, and very low turbulence.  In 2011 Alaska Village Electric Cooperative installed two Northern Power Systems 100 kW Northwind 100-21 wind turbines on the old […]


Nightmute has an outstanding wind resource for wind power development, characterized by a high average wind speed, high wind power class, and low turbulence. Nightmute’s wind resource is higher than other wind resources measured in the area, perhaps due to funneling of winds around the very high (839 ft elevation) Toksook hill immediately north and […]


Togiak’s winds are possibly lighter than expected given its geographic location on the Bering Sea coast. This may be due to the met tower site location well down on the northeast side of the hill that comprises the Togiak Heights subdivision. Possibly more exposed locations in Togiak would experience higher wind speeds, but it should […]


Following a met tower wind study in Mekoryuk from 2005 to 2007 and subsequent feasibility analysis by GEC, two Northern Power Systems Northwind 100 A model wind turbines at 32 meter hub heights were installed in 2010, though not placed into operational status until 2011 following completion of a new automated power-generation control module. Between […]