Eek AlaskaThe proposed Eek wind project site is located on the old runway, preferably on the north side to avoid downwind turbulence from the very high GCI communication tower located on the apron of the old airport. A met tower was installed on the north end of the old runway in 2012 and was operational through 2015. The wind site measured as wind power class 4 (on a scale of 1 to 7), and presents ideal characteristics for wind power generation.

V3 Energy, LLC has written two system analyses of wind-diesel power options for Eek, which are available below. The primary limitation of wind power in Eek, its excellent wind resource notwithstanding, is the single phase nature of the power system as village-scale turbines are three phase and output conversion to single phase is very expensive. Ideally the Eek power system will be converted to three phase in the future.

Download Wind Diesel Analysis

Download Wind Power Report